We Asked. You Answered. Boy, Do You Love Your Facial Hair

Every Friday we pose a question to you via our Facebook page and give you the poll results on the following Monday. Today is no different. Last week’s question,  “Facial Hair on Men – What Do You Prefer?” seemed to be a no-brainer to the Chubstr staff, but you managed to surprise us. While your appreciation of the beard came in at #1, the fact that so many of you like the clean shaven look was pretty unexpected. Following the top two were (my personal favorite) goatee, stubble, mustache and All of the Above, for those of you who enjoy a variety of looks.

Lastly, someone added a look that we missed: The Tony Stark. Not everyone can pull it off the way Robert Downey Jr. can.

Interesting answers. Why do you think we’re so partial to facial hair? For its look-changing properties? To hide extra chin fat? Give us your thoughts below or on your social network of choice.

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