Thing of the Week: HairPlay, Misfits, Roku and More

Welcome to the latest installment of Thing of the Week. We come across a lot of interesting products, services, and ideas throughout the course of our week, and they don’t always fit into articles we’re writing for the site. Thing of the Week is the place for each of us to share those items, whatever they are, with you. Some of them are related to the things you’d expect to find at Chubstr, while some aren’t.

KMS California HairPlay Molding PasteBrandon’s Pick: KMS California Hairplay Molding Paste. This product is perfect for guys with shorter hair like mine. You just apply a tiny amount to hair when it’s dry. It’s moldable but soft and natural feeling, and it has a matte finish (which is hard to find in a hair product). It’s great for making your hair style look effortless – almost like there isn’t anything in your hair. Plus, it smells like lime!

KMS California HairPlay Molding Paste, $14 at Amazon




Bruce’s Pick: It should come as no surprise that I’m a fan of Tumblr, since it’s the source of our humble beginnings. This week I stumbled across this fascinating tumblog where you can view unique and interesting cabins from around the world. The amazing photos will have you digging through the archives to see everything they have to offer. I highly recommend you follow them to keep up with their latest photos.

Check out Cabin Porn on Tumblr



Mac’s Pick: Roku 2 XS. I love that I can kiss my cable subscription goodbye—who needs it when I’ve got the Roku 2 XS. Mine just arrived today and I’ll be exploring all of the online streaming options now available on my television (and save my eyes the strain of watching tv on my laptop). All you need is a tv, a wifi connection and you’re set to stream from Netflix, Hulu and just about anywhere else on the Internet.


Get the Roku 2 XS from Amazon for just $99.99


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