Spotlight: Project Runway Winner Ashley Nell Tipton

Ashley Nell Tipton Wins Project Runway

In case you missed it, Ashley Nell Tipton didn’t just take home the win for Project Runway Season 14 at New York Fashion Week last night; she blazed trails with the first-ever plus size collection in the show’s history. We caught the young designer’s attention amid the finale win celebrations (and the tears – so many tears) at the San Diego W Hotel rooftop just long enough to get a hint at what’s next for her – and for Tipton fans of all genders.

What helped you find the courage to start putting yourself out there as a plus size designer when historically, this has never been done before? What made you want to catapult this onto national television?
I think because because I believe in plus size clothing and I am a plus size woman, just doing it was a no-brainer for me. I wasn’t scared to create a plus size collection – this is exactly what I wanted to do and I was going to continue that.

Ashely Nell Tipton at the Project Runway Finale Party

Who are some of your favorite plus size icons?
My favorite plus size icons are Adele, Gabby Sidibe, and Kelly Osbourne.

What do you nerd out about?

Us, too… Seems like it’s also hair and make-up? Yours is on-point tonight.
Make-up and hair, definitely! I always geek out about that.

Ashley Nell Tipton

If you could team up with any other artist, fashion or otherwise, who would you work with?
I would work with Kelly Osbourne, Pharell Williams, Kanye West, Beyonce…

All at once? Boom!
Yes, all at once!

Ashley Nell Tipton

Would you ever consider designing for dapper big men?
Yes! I’ve always wanted to create a unisex plus size collection. That is one of my dreams.

Bring on the unisex line, Ashley – the Chubstr Shop is ready when you are. 

For more from Ashley Nell Tipton, check out her website, and find her on Instagram @ashley_nell_tipton and Twitter @byashley_nell


Photos by Chelsea Mudlo for C. Mudlo Photography

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