Rob Milton Talks New EP, Recording at Converse’s Brooklyn Studio

Rob Milton talks about Subject to Change EP

When Chubstr spoke with Rob Milton a few years ago, he was at the beginning of a path that’d take him from Virginia State University, to interning at MTV, to indulging his passion for music by releasing the EPs The Love Today, The Shine Tomorrow, and Developing. Milton is prepping to release his latest EP, Subject To Change, on September 24th. We talk to him about the whirlwind his life has been for the last few years, recording the new EP at Converse’s Rubber Tracks Studio, and collaborating with one of our favorite rappers.

It’s been a few years since we last spoke, and you’ve been keeping busy. What have you been up to since our 2011 interview?
Two years almost feels like ten. Since then I’ve just been learning and growing. I’ve taken a bunch of chances and done what may have looked impossible but felt just right. It’s been amazing.

Subject To Change is out on 9/24. Can you tell us what inspired it?
Subject To Change is inspired by Brooklyn and the love that that place exudes. It’s such an ill environment and when I got the opportunity to record in the area I knew exactly what I wanted the music to sound like. And fortunately, my producer (brandon*) is always on the same page with me and understood as well as executed just what I felt.

The EP was created at Converse’s Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn. How did that come about, and what was it like recording there?
Recording at Rubber Tracks was an opportunity that fit so well. I reached out and applied maybe a year ago and everything just fell into place at the right time. Word to the staff and great engineers, Aaron Bastinelli & Troy Chryssos, who helped take Subject To Change to another level.

Rob Milton and Fresh Daily

The first single from Subject To Change, “Brooklyn Calling,” features rapper Fresh Daily, who we’ve interviewed in the past. Where did that collaboration come from?
Fresh is an incredible guy. He’s an artist that I’ve been a fan of and looked up to for a little while now. I just knew that he was the perfect fit and that he would have something dope to say on the record. I’m extra grateful that he was up for it and came through to record with me.

Once the EP drops, what’s next for you?
I’m just building from here. I started 2013 with the idea for one project (Developing) and I’m ending it having released three. So wherever God leads, I’m following. I’m just looking to continue progressing and doing what feels right to me.

Learn more about Rob, and pick up his music at, Soundcloud, and iTunes.