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Faith Plus Size Superhero Getting Film
Valiant Comics

Plus Size Superhero ‘Faith’ is Getting a Live Action Film

Last week, we were lamenting the lack of plus size superheroes in mainstream culture. It’s easy to find the villain and the butt of the joke, but where are the fat, super-powered badasses? Sony Pictures apparently heard our plea, as they are moving forward on a live action adaptation of Valiant Comics’ own plus size superhero, Faith. According to Deadline, the studio hired American Gods writer Maria Melnik to write the script.

Faith Plus Size Superhero
Valiant Comics

Unfamiliar with the character? Here’s the gist: Faith Herbert lost her parents in an accident and turned to comics, sci-fi & nerdy TV shows to cope. As an adult, she became aware of her psionic powers (flight, shielding, general badassery) and took on the name Zephyr to fight crime.

An Actually Awesome Plus Size Superhero

Created in 1992 by Jim Shooter and David Lapham, Faith was largely a supporting character until getting a solo title in 2012. Since then, Faith became a fan favorite, spawning a number of limited series and spinoffs comics. One of the great things about these comics is that the focus isn’t always on the fact that Faith is plus size. That just happens to be part of who she is. She’s also optimistic, upbeat and fun – things you don’t often see plus size people portrayed as. Check out Faith for yourself – read Faith #001 for free here.

Who Should Play Faith in the Film?

How true to the comic the Faith film will stay is still to be seen. As more information drops about the production, you’ll find it here. Now, the important question – who should play the plus size superhero in the film? I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be rooting for Rebel Wilson for the role. Who do YOU think should play the first plus size super hero? Hit us up @chubstr on social or in the comments below!