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New Music: Electric Feel, by Rob Milton

Rob Milton's New Album - Electric Feel

We’re constantly impressed with what Rob Milton is putting out there. Lucky for us, he’s releasing new music on a regular basis. When we spoke with him last September, he was just about to drop Subject to Change, a love letter to Brooklyn. Now he’s kicking off 2014 with a new album called Electric Feel. Here’s the album’s description:

To jump off a fresh new year of music, Rob Milton is letting loose a healthy portion of positive vibes with his latest project entitled Electric Feel. This soulful effort finds Milton wailing over a batch of funky beats produced by Los Angeles beatsmith Roman Lee Norfleet and calling for us all to “get back to what’s real.”

Rob Milton and Fresh Daily

Where Subject to Change features lush production with an upbeat and optimistic feel, Electric Feel is more sparse and reflective. It shows another side of Milton while still holding on to what makes his sound unique. If you’re not sure which song to start with, give the title track a try. Take a listen and buy Electric Feel, by Rob Milton here.