Kyle McIntire Talks Epic Dance, Defying Expectations

Kyle McIntire

Yesterday, we featured UK based MoneySuperMarket’s new commercial featuring Colin, the Epic Builder. The video took the internet by storm this week garnering hundreds of thousands of views and impressions. Like you, we love seeing people out there shattering the preconceived notions of how big men can be portrayed in the media, so we decided to try and track him down. With a little digging, and the magic of Twitter, we found Kyle McIntire, the star of the commercial. An actor based in New York City, Kyle called the whole experience a ‘dream come true.’

Matt chatted with Kyle about his experience filming the commercial, his thoughts on big guys in the media, and of course, where he shops for clothes.

M: How did you find out about the gig?

K: My manager, IFM, contacted me about an “expert pole dancing audition.” I passed because I’m not a pole dancer. I told a few of my friends about it, and they blew up with anger. “It’s a pole and you are a dancer… GO!”

M: Is your background in dancing?

K: I dabble in all sorts of fun [activities], but my skills stem from my musical ability, my wrestling background, and lots of stair choreography as a child. I studied theatre in college, and I’ve always had a passion for feeling music, and moving my body.

M: Which dance moves were you, which were technology?

K: The commercial is completely performed by yours truly. Obviously, I had some help being lifted into the air, but I am doing all the physical action myself. I’ve been preparing for this shoot at weddings and proms my whole life. I did have a stunt double, and he was fabulous, but my essence is one of a kind!

Kyle McIntire

M: Can you walk me through the process of shooting the video?

K: We rehearsed in LA for a day with fabulous choreographer, Lisa Eaton (who danced with Nsync, Madonna, and Bette Midler). Then, we flew to Vancouver to rehearse for two more days. Day 1 of shooting started at 8am on top of a parking garage in the middle of downtown Vancouver. It takes about 6 shots per set of moves, so 6 splits, 6 shoulder rolls, 6 worms. The first day was all choreography, and the second day of filming was specialty shots, like cart wheel into splits, hanging upside on the pole and riding the wrecking ball.

I remember taking the very first shot where I turn around, walk up to the pole, and put my hands on it. The director, Noam Murro, comes running out yelling “This guy is a STAR!!” It was “Epic” to say the least.

M: Did you expect the video to go viral and get as much exposure as it did? Did MoneySuperMarket?

K: The video has so much life and excitement to it. They have such fantastic ideas at MoneySuperMarket’s agency, Mother London, where the commercials are created. I hope to be part of more in the future.

Kyle Mcintyre came in... like a wrecking ball

M: Were you self-conscious at any time during this process?

K: I was nervous during the audition because I’m not a pole dancer, but I went in, they turned on “Milkshake” by Kelis, and all my fear melted away. I danced on that pole like the star that I knew that I was! I also had a moment on-set before my first shot where I felt like I had NO IDEA what I was doing, but that all quickly changed once we started filming shots. The entire set crew would blow up with excitement when I would do the worm or jump into the splits.

M: Big guys are in the news more and more from “dad-bods” to the search for illusive “plus sized male model”. What’s your take on the world paying more attention to big men and how they’re being portrayed in the media?

K: I’ve never been one to let my size limit me. I believe confidence can take you anywhere you want. You just have believe in yourself, and trust that you are enough. Being big doesn’t mean you aren’t healthy. Also anyone who thinks they can go out of their way to tell you how to live your life can shut up right now. People write to me on these social apps saying I should be unhappy for being bigger. I am SO HAPPY! The moment I become upset is when someone says something ignorant because they are insecure, and try to bring me down. It’s 2015, bullies can take a hike as far as I’m concerned. Celebrate Life. Stop listening to what people tell you is sexy and choose for yourself.

M: Where do you do most of your shopping?

K: Old Navy fits my ass like a glove. I buy things randomly as I walk past them. It’s never about the brand, as much as it is about the fit. I wanna look sexy!

M: If given the opportunity to play Colin again, would you do it?

K: Over and over again! Riding that wrecking ball was a dream come true, and I hope to have TONS more experiences like it.

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