Josh Lamon Hits the Red Carpet in a Brand New Suit

Like most of us, actor Josh Lamon doesn’t spend all his time thinking about style. For the past few years, he’s been focused on his part in the musical adaptation of Finding Neverland, which opened on Broadway on April 15th. As the opening was nearing, Josh knew he needed the perfect suit for their upcoming red carpet premiere. He reached out to Chubstr for help and we teamed up with Indochino to find him a suit worthy of the red carpet.

Josh Lamon at the Finding Neverland Premiere

What made you decide to go with the Essential Blue Sharkskin suit?
Fashion has always been something I was afraid of because of my size. I almost always wear black, so walking into the Indochino showroom here in NYC, the first thing I told them was that I wanted a simple black suit. They listened, but gently pushed me towards the stunning blue fabric that I went with. Wearing a suit of a different color was a pretty big change for me. Being a man of size, my instinct is to hide my size in dark colors. I will never just wear black again. I have never felt more handsome in my life.

Josh Lamon on the Red Carpet on Broadway

As a bigger person, it can be difficult to be taken seriously, or even given the attention you deserve when shopping for clothing. Can you talk about your experience visiting Indochino’s showroom to find a suit and get fitted?
I have had so many nightmare experiences trying to shop for opening nights and events. It’s not just trying to find something that will fit, but something that looks and feels great. Walking into the Indochino showroom, I was scared. The first thing I did was tell my stylist, Steve, that I felt insecure and how difficult it can be for a man of size to look and feel good. He and the other stylists at Indochino walked me through the process of choosing the best fabric, and the perfect type of suit to best compliment my body type. They made me feel important, and secure knowing that I was going to look and feel like a million dollars on opening night.

Josh Lamon on the Red Carpet in Indochino

What was it like on the red carpet that night?
Honestly, it is a bit nerve wracking! On one side, I have Matthew Morrison, who is our leading man, and down the line on my other side is Helen Mirren! It’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. You walk down a line getting your photo taken, and then are queued up to talk to different entertainment news programs. I got a few compliments on my suit almost immediately, which made me feel outstanding.

The highlight of the night was flying my parents in from San Diego to be my opening night dates. They had a blast at the party and watching me on the red carpet. Getting to make your parents proud is the greatest feeling on earth.

A Closer look at Josh Lamon on the Red Carpet

How much work goes into preparing for a production like Finding Neverland?
The process started two years ago when we did a reading for Harvey Weinstein, our Executive Producer. From that reading, only 4 of us have remained in the cast, so there have been quite a few changes over time. After that, we did a month long workshop, and then took the show to Boston for an out of town tryout that lasted about 3 months.

Putting on a new Broadway show is a very intense process for all involved. The hours are insane, and there is a lot on the line. Luckily, the people I work for and with are tremendous talents and fantastic people to be around, so I just felt lucky to be there.

Josh Lamon on Broadway in Finding Neverland

What’s the most gratifying thing about performing on Broadway?
From the time I was a small child, I wanted to be a broadway actor. Acting is obviously not the most secure way to make a living, so every time I get a chance to be on Broadway, I feel like I won the lottery. I remember what it was like going to the theatre as kid, so knowing that I am going to be a part someone else’s special evening is really meaningful.

Plus, I feel lucky to represent the big boys! I meet so many young men that look just like I did when I was a kid, and when they ask me for advice I just say ‘Be you and don’t change a thing for anybody’.

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