John Gemberling to Play John Belushi in New Netflix Movie

John Gemberling and Ken Marino on Marry Me

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Broad City’s John Gemberling will play the late John Belushi in the Netflix film, A Futile and Stupid Gesture, based on the biography of Doug Kenney, the co-founder of National Lampoon. Will Forte is playing Kenney, with Joel McHale playing Chevy Chase. The film will be directed by Wet Hot American Summer director, David Wain.

John Belushi

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Kenney was Editor of the Harvard Lampoon before founding the National Lampoon, and co-writing the films Caddyshack and Animal House (which starred John Belushi). In the years following, he struggled with substance abuse and died under peculiar circumstances at age 33.

John Gemberling

Photo: NBC

Can John Gemberling Do John Belushi Justice?

You probably know Gemberling from Broad City, in which he plays the role of Bevers, the boyfriend of Abbi’s mysterious (read: never seen) roommate, Melody. If you’ve caught him on the show, you can probably see why he’s the perfect choice to play Belushi. He’s got the comedic chops, the physicality, and the look to play the beloved comedian – a role that, from the looks of it, everyone involved with the project wants to get just right.


Production on the film starts later this month. Read our 2015 interview with John Gemberling where he discusses his 90’s ska band, bizarre Hollywood parties, and how it can be easier to get acting jobs when you’re a bigger guy. Here’s what he had to say about not sweating the way you look and letting your performance do the talking:

Some people, I think, are good at that mindset, being disciplined and maintaining a kind of superficial quality in order to work – and that just makes me feel so tired. Whatever I am, whatever I do, that’s what you’re gonna get, and hopefully my performance is good. I try not to drive myself crazy in terms of the look thing.

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