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Introducing Our New Podcast, Life in Your Size

What does it mean to be a plus-size person in the world today? Each week, our new podcast Life in Your Size will introduce you to the people, stories, and topics important to the experience of living life in a bigger body. From conversations with interesting people to stories, essays, and guides, we’re taking a look at life in your size from every angle.

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Never Say Never with Jeff Jenkins on National Geographic and Disney+

Jeff Jenkins talks about his new Nat Geo Show

For our first episode, we’re talking with Jeff Jenkins, a travel journalist, content creator, and now, the host of Never Say Never with Jeff Jenkins, which is streaming now on National Geographic, Hulu, and Disney+. Read the official synopsis below.

Travel journalist Jeff Jenkins didn’t step foot on a plane until he was 20 years old, but once he did, he started living by his mantra “life begins where your comfort zone ends.” His mission is to inspire those who look like him to travel without fear and push past their perceived limitations to experience everything the world has to offer. Never Say Never follows Jeff as he travels the world testing the limits of his physical abilities — from attempting to climb 70 foot mountain faces, to rafting class 5 rapids, to sailing in a windstorm at the end of the world. Throughout his global odyssey Jeff makes deep connections with locals and learns not just about the world, but also about himself.

I’ve known Jeff for a few years because of his website, Chubby Diaries, which we discuss in this episode. It’s still pretty rare to see a plus-size person hosting a TV show, especially an adventure travel show like this. When we interviewed Jeff back in 2019, he shared the mission behind Chubby Diaries, which seems to be the mission of Never Say Never:

“I hope it entertains people and encourages them to get out of their comfort zones, and live life now. Travel the world, taste the amazing food, experience the culture and then share it with us and the world! We want people to redefine what it looks like to travel.”

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