Icons of Men's Style

Icons of Men’s Style Shows You How it All Began

Instead of focusing on famous and stylish men of the past century, Icons of Men’s Style is a surprisingly informative and engaging book that covers the rich and storied history of men’s basic fashion staples in an almost encyclopedic manner.  Filled with little-known details, plenty of historic photos, and a rich history of each garment, this book will keep you interested and informed about the beginnings of what you wear everyday.

Most of us know the appropriate times and places to wear a t-shirt, and it’s easy to assume that most of us own quite a few t-shirts, but we probably don’t know where the t-shirt actually came from.  (It was originally designed as an undergarment around 1913 for the Royal Navy and the United States Navy). Icons of Men’s Style fully details this, along with the history of various pieces of menswear such as the denim jacket, the the loafer, the bespoke suit, and even accessories like the fountain pen and aviator sunglasses.  At 192 pages and covering 52 essential items, this book by Josh Sims – one of the UK’s most respected men’s fashion journalists – is a must-have read for those that are interested in the provenance of the clothing they wear everyday. From Laurence King Publishing $20 Amazon.com

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