Help Dan Fogler Make His Dystopian Stoner Comic

Help Dan Fogler create a comic!

Actor and former Man of the Week, Dan Fogler is putting together his comic book opus, Brooklyn Gladiator and he wants your help. He’s describing it as “the lovechild of Orwell, Huxley and stoner conspiracy theories.”

The story centers around John Miller, a drug-dealing, psychic fighter in New York’s underground gladiator circuit. Actually, let’s let Dan describe it:

“[Brooklyn Gladiator] imagines a future dystopian New York in which nanites do all the work, chemtrails have become an all-consuming fog, and the constant threat of war ensures an isolationist government’s absolute power. John Miller is public enemy number one. He fights nanite-enhanced maniacs in the underground gladiator circuit and sells bootleg drugs far less contaminated than the government’s brand. Psychic abilities have surfaced in John’s mind, allowing him to bypass the state’s tech and access ancient knowledge. John’s talents will send him on a journey against the machines that govern his city as he deconstructs their regime and the very concept of civilization.”

Andrew Harrison is sharing writing duties, and Tom Hodges is taking care of the art. Intrigued? You can donate to the Kickstarter campaign and get fabulous prizes, such as signed books, a signed DVD copy of Don Peyote, and for pledges of $100 or more, a character in the comic will be modeled after you!

Learn more about Brooklyn Gladiator and donate to their Kickstarter Campaign here:

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