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Heavy Convo Podcast: Are Some Brands Embarrassed by Big & Tall Customers?

Have you ever been body shamed when shopping for clothing? On this week’s episode of the Heavy Conversation Podcast, a listener shares their story and Jody and I talk about the way some brands seem embarrassed by their big and tall customers.

Why do some well-known brands make extended size clothing, only to hide it away or not promote it? There are even some companies that sell big & tall through other retailers, but not through their own site. What gives?

Beer of the Week

We got our hands on Partying Past Burning Bridges, a dip hopped IPA from Fair State Brewing Cooperative. Both Jody and I found it to be flavorful and delicious, with a slight kick at the end. This limited availability beer is a collaboration with 3 Floyds Brewing Co. Follow the Heavy Conversation Beer List on Untappd to see what we drank in past episodes.

What We Loved This Week

Bruce: My first NBA game! Trailblazers won, and it was phenomenal, even as someone who hasn’t ever been into sports. Big thanks to my lovely for getting me the tickets, and thanks to Ian Karmel for showing me what I’ve been missing out on. Do yourself a favor and follow him.

Jody: Attended his first belly dance showcase! Very body positive, very fun. There was even a dancer there brandishing swords. He says it was awesome to see the sense of community there and wants to do it again!

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