Heavy Convo: Best Shorts for Summer

Heavy Conversation: The Best Big & Tall Shorts for Spring & Summer

We’ve officially reached the time of year where I’m hard-pressed to wear anything other than shorts. To celebrate that fact, this week’s episode of the Heavy Conversation Podcast is all about the best places to shop for big & tall shorts in your size. Below you’ll find a few of the brands mentioned on the podcast, plus some extra ones you need to check out.

Target Goodfellow & Co Big & Tall Shorts

Target Big & Tall Shorts

In this episode of the show, we talk about how Target has expanded their big & tall shorts options with their Goodfellow & Co, Original Use and All in Motion, the company’s new active lifestyle brand. The three brands offer options no matter what kind of style you’re looking for. Prices from $8 with sizes to 5X & 60 waist.

Bonobos Extended Size Shorts

Bonobos Men’s Extended Size Shorts

If you’re looking for shorts that can easily be dressed up for the office (once we can go back), Bonobos has you covered. Their Extended Size line offers big men’s shorts with a number of prints, lengths, and styles with sizes to 54 waist. I’m partial to the Coast to Coaster Shorts, pictured above.

ASOS Men’s Plus

ASOS Men’s Plus Size Shorts

You’ll find around 30 pairs of shorts available for purchase at ASOS right now, with sizes to 6X and 60 waist. The styles may surprise you, as you’ll find the fast fashion you expect, as well as a few higher end options. The retailer is definitely worth a look if you’re in the market for more style-forward options.

No Boundaries Big & Tall Shorts

Walmart Big & Tall Shorts

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Walmart can be a hidden gem when it comes to big & tall clothing if you’re willing to spend some time browsing the company’s website. Be sure to take a look at their No Boundaries big and tall shorts and their George brand, both of which point an eye toward more stylish options. No Boundaries, with sizes to 5X, offers the best of the bunch as far as colors and prices are concerned.

Stitch Fix Big & Tall T-Shirt
Try a Stitch Fix Big & Tall Box

Stitch Fix Big & Tall Shorts

I’ve mentioned before how impressed I am with the Stitch Fix big & tall box. Working with a personal stylist who understands your needs is huge. So is finding new and interesting brands that fit. Read our review of Stitch Fix Big & Tall, then try the service for yourself.

DXL Big & Tall Shorts
Big & Tall Shorts from DXL

DXL Big & Tall Shorts

You know what DXL is all about, right? Go shop their extensive selection of shorts from many, many brands and make yourself happy. Sizes to 7X and 60 waist.

Zappos Big & Tall Shorts
Zappos Big & Tall Shorts

Zappos Big & Tall Shorts

If you only know Zappos as a shoe retailer, you’re missing out. They’ve gone all-in on big & tall, offering a bit of everything. A quick search of the company’s big & tall shorts category brings back 157 items, as well as products available to sizes 5X and 60 waist.

AE Shorts to Size 48

American Eagle Outfitters Big & Tall Shorts

AE doesn’t do much to promote the fact that they offer waist sizes to 48, but indeed they do. Shop their big and tall denim, flat front and cargo shorts.

KingSize Big & Tall
Photo: KingSize

KingSize Big & Tall Shorts

Need more size options? Don’t forget about KingSize and their selection of big & tall shorts. You’ll find sizes to 9X in several shorts there.

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