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Heavy Convo: You Don’t Have to Be Productive During the Pandemic

A lot of people right now are talking about how productive they’re being while self-quarantined. This week, on the Heavy Conversation Podcast, Jody and I explain why you don’t have to be productive during the pandemic.

First and foremost, we’re IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC. It’s a frightening thing for many reasons for a lot of people. Simply existing is okay, and needing to veg out on your couch with Netflix, video games or whatever you do to pass the time is just fine.

Beers of the Week

Because of the quarantine, we’re featuring two beers each episode. This week’s selections are Oregon based breweries:

Bruce: Volatile Substance from Von Ebert Brewing, Portland, Oregon

Jody: Double Chocolate Stout from Rogue Ales, Newport, Oregon


Things We Love Right Now

Jody: Bear Skn just dropped their new Tropical Boyseberry print!

Bruce: Picard, on CBS All Access, which you can watch for free for 60 days!

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