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Heavy Conversation Podcast: The Fat Tax, Plus Size Furniture & Fighting Male Lonliness

Have you listened to Heavy Conversation, the podcast I do with Bear Skn’s Jody Koenig? It’s two big guys talking about what it’s like to be a plus size person in today’s society. Past episodes have covered topics such as finding your style, flying while fat, self care at any size and how to become a plus size male model.

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Here’s what we’ve talked about in the last few weeks:

The Fat Tax: Some companies put a premium on their extended size clothing. We talk about why they do that and why it’s annoying.

Who Makes Furniture for Plus Size People? Bruce and Jody share their flimsy furniture horror stories and talk about the companies and organizations helping to find and create products that work for bigger people.

Fighting Male Loneliness: Did you know that one of the biggest issues facing men today is something we’ve been trained not to talk about? We take a closer look at the male loneliness epidemic and how to fight it.

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