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Heavy Conversation Podcast: Jillian Michaels & Dealing With Concern Trolls

A new episode of the Heavy Conversation podcast is out this week and we’re discussing Jillian Michaels’ attempt to make headlines by body shaming Lizzo. Bear Skn‘s Jody Koenig and I discuss the sad fact that concern trolling like this is very common, and how to push back against it.

We also talk about the fact that most of the time, when people are trying to tell you that you’ll only be worthwhile if you reach some specific goal, they’re trying to sell you something. How do you push back against concern trolls? Tell us in the comments or hit us up on social @chubstr @bearskn @heavyconvo on Twitter.

Beer of the Week

This week we took on a kick ass midwest fruit tart called Astrolabe, from Cincinnati, Ohio’s Urban Artifact. It has great grape flavor and just the right amount of tartness. We both recommend this 8.2% brew.

Here’s What We Loved This Week

Jody: Bearskn just launched new jock straps, and they’re selling like hotcakes

Bruce: HBO’s McMillions and BBC’s Dracula (on Netflix)

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