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Heavy Conversation Podcast: Family Drama, Staying Cool, and Friend-Zoning

Have you listened to the Heavy Conversation Podcast lately? Every Tuesday, my co-host, Jody Koenig and I take a subject and talk about it for a half hour. Most of the subjects are related to being a bigger person in today’s society, but sometimes, we just want to talk about the things we like. Plus, we drink a new and interesting beer each week. Here’s a selection of some of my favorite episodes from the past few months:

Best Big & Tall Swimwear for Summer 2019: Summer is almost upon us and you need big & tall swimwear that fits.

The Plus Size Guide to Sex 101: Positions. Plus size people are having sex!

Is the Friend Zone Really a Thing? The guys give their take on what’s the friend zone really means and why it might be you, not them.

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How to Stay Cool This Summer: It’s already hot as hades, so how can a plus size person keep cool in the summer heat?

Here’s How We Deal With Family Drama: We talk about dealing with family drama and how you can make holiday gatherings and time spent with relatives a little less stressful.

Here’s Why We Hate Going to the Doctor: When you’re a plus size person, going to the doctor can be fraught with fear, frustration and embarrassment.

There are 60 episodes out to choose from, so jump back in and take a listen! Subscribe to Heavy Conversation wherever you get your podcasts: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Play.