Heavy Conversation Podcast: Quarantine

Heavy Conversation: How We’re Coping With COVID-19

It’s a new week and that means a new episode of Heavy Conversation just dropped. This week, Jody and I discuss how we’re getting through the coronavirus pandemic. As you probably guessed, because we’re both self-quarantining, we’re recording from our home studios.

Jody and I talk about how we’re keeping busy (and staying sane) while we’re stuck at home. We share our tips and ideas for things you can do while you help flatten the curve.

Bruce & Jody Heavy Conversation
Bruce & Jody & Beer!

Beers of the Week

Since we’re self-quarantining, we’re drinking two separate beers this week!

Bruce: Extra Basic Batch, from Great Notion Brewing in Portland, Oregon

Jody: Good Med Montana Red Ale, from Great Northern Brewing in Whitefish, Montana

Need more beer inspiration? Check our the Heavy Conversation Beer List on Untappd.

What We Loved This Week

Since this week’s episode is dedicated to staying home and staying safe, that’s pretty much our things of the week. Stay home, stay safe, and help take care of others by kicking back at home!

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