Heavy Conversation Podcast #88 Bruce Sturgell

Heavy Conversation Podcast #88: Bruce’s Birthday Episode

Have you listened to our podcast, Heavy Conversation? Join Bear Skn’s Jody Koenig and I as we talk about the topics affecting big guys in the world today. This week’s episode took place on my birthday, and features Ollie, the 7 month old special guest you see in the photo above. Baby aside, this episode is a little different as we cover several topics:

  • Getting older
  • Plus size parenting
  • Shrill season 2 (all of which is out now on Hulu)
  • Adidas / Beyonce / Ivy Park not offering plus sizes
Jody Koenig Heavy Conversation

Beer of the Week:

We sipped on Oak-Aged Maple Coffee Pecan Porter Reserve from 903 Brewers. This is a strong, boozy beer that tastes like breakfast. Both Jody and I would recommend this one.

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