Heavy Conversation Podcast Spring Style

Heavy Conversation Podcast #51: Style Trends for Spring

A new episode of Heavy Conversation dropped today (get it on Apple Podcasts here), and this week, we’re talking about our favorite style trends for spring. Well, we’re also complaining about the things we don’t like, but mostly – it’s all about the things you’re seeing a lot of and the trends you should check out for yourself.

If you haven’t listened to Heavy Conversation before, it’s co-host Jody Koenig and I talking about the issues that affect big guys while enjoying a different tasty beer each episode. We even have a list of the beers we drink up on Untappd.

Heavy Conversation Beer of the Week

This week, Jody and I enjoyed Ayinger Brauweisse – German wheat beer at its finest! On the podcast, I said it’s what you would expect out of this type of beer. I also said that I haven’t had a German beer that I haven’t liked, so take that for what it’s worth. Jody said it tasted a bit like banana bread and gave it a high rating. So, we would recommend you give Ayinger Brauweisse a try.

Next Week: A Very Special Episode of Heavy Conversation

Next week is episode 52, which means one year of the podcast! To celebrate, we’re covering a subject we’ve never covered before. Subscribe to Heavy Conversation on Apple Podcasts and check back next week to find out what it is!

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