Heavy Conversation Podcast 4th Anniversary

Four Years of the Heavy Conversation Podcast

June marks the fourth anniversary of Heavy Conversation, the podcast I do with Bear Skn’s Jody Koenig. At its core, the show is a way for Jody and me to talk about whatever’s on our minds. With 190 episodes under our belt, we’ve covered everything from new big & tall clothing brands to body image, grooming, pop culture, and plus size sex and relationships – all from a big guy’s perspective.

Explore the Heavy Convo Beer List

Each episode, we enjoy a tasty adult beverage while discussing a topic. Usually, that beverage is beer. I can speak for Jody and myself and say that we’ve expanded our beer-drinking horizons over the last four years, trying beers spanning the world from Jordan to…well, New Jersey. You can see (almost) all the beers we’ve tried in the Heavy Conversation beer list at Untappd.

New to the Podcast?

If you haven’t listened to Heavy Conversation before, there are a lot of episodes to go through. So, where should you start? Well, our latest episode is always a good place, but you can look through every episode from the last four years in the player above.

Still not sure? Here are a few of our favorite episodes:

#179: Here’s What We Need to See in Big & Tall Fashion – While we’ve got more options than ever, there’s still a lot missing. We discuss what we want to see more brands offer.

#173: The Big Man’s Guide to Sexier Selfies – We talk big guy boudoir and taking better selfies with photographer Beth Olson.

#152: Follow These People for Some Plus Size Active Inspiration – We spotlight some of the plus size folks out there shattering the stereotype that fat people can’t be active.

#149: Why Do So Many Big & Tall Brands Fail? – So many big & tall clothing brands launch, only to crash and burn. We take a look at why it happens and how future brands can avoid it.

#142: The Best Sex Toys for Plus Size People – This very popular episode is all about the best toys and intimate products for plus size people. Check out the list!

#123: How to Design and Sell Clothes for Plus Size Bodies – It can be done! In this episode, we share tips companies can use when making and marketing plus size clothing.

#113: It’s Hot Out! How to Handle Chub Rub – We’re discussing the best ways to deal with heat, sweating, rashes, and chub rub.

#97: Where Are All The Young Guys in Big & Tall Modeling? – We’re seeing more diversity in big & tall modeling, but why aren’t we seeing more young models? We talk about breaking the big guy stereotype.

#81: Plus Size Travel Horror Stories – We talk about some of our worst travel experiences, and it’s not just the hassle of sitting in the middle seat on the plane. From lodging scams to cross-country trips in wrecked cars, it’s all here.

#52: The Plus Size Guide to Sex 101 – This episode is all about the positions, toys, and tips that can help you take your sexy time to the next level. 

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