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George Costanza Themed Bar

Finally, Someone Started a George Costanza-Themed Bar

Costanza on Menswear

Someone in Melbourne, Australia is kicking 2016 off the right way, with the opening of a George Costanza-themed bar. According to Maxim, the bar, known as George, officially opened on New Year’s Eve, serving up Seinfeld-inspired dishes and a ton of show memorabilia.

The Costanza

The owner of the bar says that they started with the name of the establishment, then “worked backwards, concept theming it.” He goes on to say that they’ll continue to do weird and quirky things related to the show, and to the character, in order to keep with the theme. That probably means you can expect a sizable Festivus celebration.

George Costanza himself, Jason Alexander, is aware of the bar, and last week gave it his seal of approval via Twitter:

If you’re in Melbourne in the near future, you know where you need to go. You can learn even more about it at the George’s Bar Facebook page. Is this the start of a trend? Is a John Belushi-themed bar in our future? What other themed bars or restaurants would you like to see?

Feature photo: Seinfeld Facebook. Second photo in post: John Roling via Flickr