Get a Fattitude Film Update & Watch Bruce Dance

Fattitude Update – May 2015 from Fattitude the Movie on Vimeo.

Have you heard about Fattitude, the upcoming documentary that explores the relationship between popular culture and body size? The film will feature interviews with a bunch of amazing experts, like Marilyn Wann, Virgie Tovar, Isabel Foxen Duke, Substantia Jones, Jes Baker, and more. I even had the opportunity to talk about Chubstr for the doc last summer.

They’ve shared an update on the production process, via this hilarious video, which explains where things stand, and how you can help out. Heard enough? Fattitude is partnered with IFP to accept tax-deductible donations:

Watch the video above so you can learn more about Fattitude, how the documentary is coming along, and most of all so you can see a bunch of us breaking out some pretty solid dance moves.

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