Fat Thor Love and Thunder

Fat Thor Officially Returning (Briefly) In Love and Thunder

The teaser trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder dropped this week and it answers a three year old question – will we see more Fat Thor? Spoilers: The answer is yes. At least for a little while.

One of the highlights (or contrversies, depending on your perspective) of 2019’s Avengers: Endgame was Thor’s physical transformation into a big & tall god of thunder. By the end of the film, he showed that he was still badass and worthy as the Avengers assembled to defeat Thanos. Then, Thor headed off into space with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and we haven’t seen him since.

Fat Thor Avengers Endgame
Image: Disney/Marvel

In the teaser, Thor has decided to give up superheroics to go on a journey to find himself. We soon see the now-familiar plus size Thor in a cave doing a battle rope workout with huge metal chains used to restrain a long-dead giant. In the next shot, Thor throws off his cloak and we see that Thor’s body is back to its pre-Endgame size.

Is Fat Thor a good thing?

In our 2019 article about Fat Thor’s appearance in Avengers: Endgame, I argued that though there were a few fat jokes in the film that should have been cut, the inclusion of such a high profile character in a plus size body was mostly positive and needed:

THIS is what I love about Fat Thor. The vast majority of the media we consume in the world treats fat people as weak. At one point in Endgame, Thor gets his hammer back. He’s still worthy, and he comes to realize that again. He’s also still fat. He dual wields Mjolnir and Stormbreaker, going toe-to-toe against Thanos, while fat. We get to see a fat superhero in action and he kicks ass. Being fat doesn’t make him any less of a competent, capable hero.

Many fans were curious how or even if Fat Thor would appear in Love and Thunder, and now we have an answer. While it remains to be seen if the workout montage in the teaser happens at the very beginning of the film, it looks like this huskier Thor will at least make a short appearance.

What do you think about the Fat Thor’s brief return in Thor: Love & Thunder? Watch the trailer above and let us know your thoughts on social or in the comments.

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