Exclusive: Harvey Guillen’s Crazy Ex Girlfriend Meta Moment

Harvey Guillen Crazy Ex Girlfriend Cast

Harvey Guillen in his favorite hat with the cast of Crazy Ex Girlfriend

We thought we’d talk about Harvey Guillen‘s signature style when we sat down to chat with him about his role on Crazy Ex Girlfriend, but his “small world” moment with show creator Rachel Bloom was just too good not to print. 

“It was like inception. When she said that, everything started melting around me.”

That’s how actor and Chubstr favorite Harvey Guillen described the moment he realized his character on Crazy Ex Girlfriend hit a little too close to home.

Those who have watched the show know its premise, in which a successful, single lawyer moves from New York to West Covina, California to chase after her ex-boyfriend Josh from middle school summer camp. What they don’t know is that Josh is based on a real person.

Cast of Crazy Ex Girlfriend

The cast of Crazy Ex Girlfriend on the set

Having gone to music theater school in in West Covina himself, Guillen asked the mind behind the hit show, Rachel Bloom, for the real story while hanging out on set. Turns out, she really had spent time in high school “bumping into” her crush in West Covina.

“That’s funny, because I went to musical theater school there. What was his name?” Guillen asked.

Guillen not only knows the guy — they were good friends in school. He remembers hearing about a high school girl with a crush who would show up around town, even though she didn’t live there.

He found out from Bloom that the guy used to hang out with a variety of guys of different sizes and backgrounds, and one of them happened to be a funny, bigger guy.

Guillen couldn’t believe it. “Wait a minute. I’m playing myself on the show?!”

Harvey hangs with Victoria Justice

Harvey hangs with Victoria Justice

That’s right. Harvey Guillen is playing Harvey Guillen on Crazy Ex Girlfriend, and nobody knew it when they cast the part.

In case you’re wondering, Josh’s yoga instructor girlfriend is real, too. She’s still Guillen’s good friend, and a big fan of the show.

Almost surprising Guillen and Bloom didn’t cross paths sooner, isn’t it?

Catch Harvey Guillen on tonight’s episode of Crazy Ex Girlfriend on the CW, and check back next week for a full interview with the star.

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