Guess Who’s in This New Body Love Coloring Book

Body Love: A Fat Activism Coloring Book

Photo: Allison Tunis/Amazon

Adult coloring books, if you aren’t familiar with them, are a good way to disconnect from the world and get a little creative. There are a ton of them out there – you can color flowers, skylines, characters from Star Wars, and now: rad fat people.

That’s right, Body Love: A Fat Activism Colouring Book was released at the end of July, and features some of the coolest people promoting body positivity right now. Now, you can color the likes of Notoriously Dapper’s Kelvin Davis, Virgie Tovar, Jes Baker, April Flores, Substantia Jones of the Adipositivity Project, and yours truly! In all, you’ll find 22 awesome body positive advocates available to color.

Bruce Sturgell from Chubstr in a new body positive coloring book

It’s Bruce from Chubstr! Image: Allison Tunis

The coloring book was created by Allison Tunis, who wanted to incorporate her body positive activism into her artwork. There’s more to it than simply being a fun coloring book, as the description below explains:

Body Positivity and Fat Activism are based on the notion that respect for other people should not be given out based on perceived notions of health, outdated standards of beauty, or any other aesthetic considerations of someone’s body. Everyone deserves respect. This colouring book features icons and activists from the Body Positivity movement and shows the talent, beauty, and overall fabulousness of fat bodies and the souls.

The icing on the cake? Everyone featured in the coloring book can opt to have a portion of the proceeds from it donated on their behalf to the Canadian Mental Health Organization.

Pick up your copy of Body Love: A Fat Activism Colouring Book for $11.86 at Amazon. Learn more about Allison Tunis at her blog, The Malcontent Manatee.

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