PLNDR Brings Back the Overnight Sale – Everything is $9.99

PLNDR Overnight Sale PLNDR is dusting off an old favorite of ours – the overnight sale. If you’re unfamiliar with what a PLNDR overnight sale consists of, here it is straight from the source:

To reward our members, PLNDR is hosting a special Overnight Sale this evening from 9pm to 9am.  All items within this sales event are marked down to $9.99. Don’t miss these amazing deals. Many styles come in limited sizes and quantities, so go now to http://plndr.com.

Past overnight sales have included clothing in sizes to 5XL and 48 waist. Inventory always goes quickly for sales like these, so get in there and look around sooner than later. Need an invite? Click here to become a PLNDR member.

Company: PLNDR

Promotion: Shop PLNDR’s Overnight Sale – Everything’s $9.99

Sizes Available:  To 5XL and 48 waist in select products and sales

Expiration Date: Expires 9AM (time zone unknown) September 1st, 2011