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Modern Tailor's Holiday Sale

Modern Tailor’s Year End Holiday Sale Starts Now

Modern Tailor's Holiday Sale

If you’re in the market for a custom made dress shirt, take advantage of Modern Tailor’s Year End Holiday Sale. Sure, the year isn’t over yet, but if they want an excuse to give out major discounts on clothing that fits no matter your size, that’s fine with us. If you’re unfamiliar with Modern Tailor, the company offers custom tailored suits, shirts, pants and more in any size and style you’re looking for. You go through the process of creating the item you want, and they’ll make it for you. Pretty simple, eh?

Design Your Shirt at Modern Tailor

This sale is specifically for dress shirts, which is great if you’re in the market for something made from high quality fabric with a very specific look. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating shirts through Modern Tailor. This can be difficult if you’re not sure exactly what you want your shirt to look like, or if you don’t have much experience with dress clothing. My recommendation is that you grab a shirt that you like from your closet or find a photo of a shirt that you like and recreate that. You’ll be able to create the shirt you like and in most cases, save quite a bit of money.

Click this link and enter the code HOLIDAY388 into the sales code box in the upper right hand corner to get the discount. You’ll find shirts starting at $20 depending upon your preferences. The sale is on until November 19th, so you’ve got a few days to create your own shirt at Modern Tailor.

[box type=”note” style=”rounded” border=”full” icon=”none”] HERE’S THE DEAL
Company: Modern Tailor
Promo: Year End Holiday Sale – Custom shirts starting at $20 with code HOLIDAY388
Sizes: Any size – shirts are custom made
Expires: 11/19/11[/box]