DREADNOUGHT Cooling Moisturizer vs California Heat

Dreadnought Cooling Moisturizer

We’re fans of Dreadnought, the UK brand making some great men’s shaving products. In fact, we’ve reviewed both their Spartan Double Edge Razor and the Shavette Straight Razor in past years. It turns out that the company also makes a variety of skin and hair care products in addition to all of the men’s grooming hardware. They sent over a bottle of Dreadnought Cooling Moisturizer and we put it to the test on a hot day in the dry California heat.

Dreadnought Cooling MoisturizerThe Look

The moisturizer comes in a durable metal bottle, which falls in line with the brand’s other sturdy, long-lasting products. Capped off with a pump top, it’s small enough to be easily portable, but large enough to be substantial (and to justify the $20 price). It’s just a cool looking item.

The Ingredients

The moisturizer itself contains jojoba oil as the main ingredient, with prickly pear, stinging nettle and fenugreek thrown in for good measure. If you’re concerned with the ingredients in the products you’re putting on your skin, you’ll be happy to know that this one contains no paragons, SLS, or MIT.

Applying the Moisturizer

It doesn’t feel overly oily, and that said, I didn’t feel like I needed very much to get moisturized. Dreadnought Cooling Moisturizer has a classic smell – not too weak, not too strong – but just enough to stay with you for most of the day. I used it on my face, my hands (which tends to get really dry), and my arms, and didn’t have to reapply for the entire day.

Dreadnought Shaving Products

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a product that isn’t too oily, comes in a bottle you’d have to run over with a car to damage, and has a classic, “manly” smell, pick up a bottle of Dreadnought’s Cooling Moisturizer. It’s another in a growing line of products from a brand that puts a focus on quality, and great looking products.

Pick up a 100ml bottle of of Dreadnought Cooling Moisturizer for $18 from West Coast Shaving.

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