Create Custom Board Shorts to Size 50 at Quiksilver

Quiksilver board shorts to size 50

Surfwear manufacturer Quiksilver is helping men of all sizes find summer shorts that fit in the styles they’re looking for with their new Custom Boardshorts Tool. You can customize your own pair of shorts by choosing from the Original Scallop in 18″ and 20″ Length or The Cypher Kaimana in 19″ and 21″ Length. As far as sizes go, you’ll find a range from 28 to 50 – much better than what’s available in most shops right now.

Stars black custom board shorts at Quiksilver

You’ll find a variety of patterns to choose from, as well as a number of solid colors, if you’re not feeling quite as adventurous. I created two different pairs to test out their system – one using the Stars Black pattern, and one using a solid green. The steps to create a pair is pretty simple, and their tool leads you through the whole process. A custom pair of board shorts from Quiksilver will run you $99, but you’ll have a custom pair of shorts you can wear all summer long. Take a look at the options available and try out the Quiksilver Custom Boardshorts Tool for yourself here.

Green Board Shorts to size 50 at Quiksilver


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