Chubstr Daily Deals: Last Chance at Custom Shoes From Etnies

Today’s Chubstr Daily Deal comes from Etnies, who is ending their long-running custom shoe service on 4/1. This means you only have a few more days to use their interactive custom shop to make a pair of  shoes to your exact specifications. You choose the style of shoe you like, and then go to town choosing color combinations that fit your personality. I made a pair of men’s Callicuts and put a fancy Chubstr ID on the side. You can check them out here.

I’ve always liked Etnies because they seem to be wider than other shoes, and when you’ve got big, flat feet like me, you appreciate the extra room. The shoes in the custom Etnies shop go all the way up to size 15.

Can you do better than my shoe masterpiece? Give it a try! Create your personalized Etnies before they shut down the custom shoe section for good. Shoes start at $60.00 for men’s styles, which isn’t bad for your own unique sneaker.