Indochino Suit Your Selfie Contest

Our friends at Indochino recently kicked off the Suit Your Selfie contest, giving entrants a chance at winning a year’s supply of free suits. How do you enter, you ask? Share your most perfect, amazing, mind-blowing suit selfie. You’ve got one, right? No? Time to take one. Here are the official rules:

  1. Snap: Pick your best suit photo. If you don’t have one, take one. Make it great. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a selfie, and your suit doesn’t have to be Indochino – just look sharp and go for it.
  2. Post: Upload that photo to SuitYourSelfie.com or post a photo on Instagram with #SuitYourSelfie to enter before August 31. Limit of one entry per person.
  3. Share: People will be able to vote on your photo from Sept 1-7. Share your photo during that period and ask your friends to vote. The more people that vote, the better your chance of winning the Grand Prize of suits for a year!

You’ve got until August 31st to get your photo into the running. Need some inspiration? Watch a man in a suit traverse a mountain peak. In an Indochino suit. Epic. Go forth and take your selfie!

In the L.A. area? Go check out Indochino’s brand new showroom at 9407 South Santa Monica Blvd.

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