Win a Year’s Supply of Boxers from Swag & Valor

Swag & Valor big and tall boxers

There aren’t many brands out there focusing exclusively on big and tall clothing, so when we come across one, we’ve got to spread the word. From the Pacific Northwest comes Swag & Valor, a company dedicated to helping big men find comfortable clothing they actually want to wear.

How Swag & Valor Started

Like some of the best companies, Swag & Valor grew out of a need. In this case, a need for clothing that fit:

[The owners of Swag & Valor] Doug and Dave were working on a project for Nike. Upon completion of the project, they were shown the “favorite” non Nike garments that some of the really famous Nike Athletes wore on their visits to the headquarters. This caused obvious great consternation inside the company that many of their bigger and taller athletes wore non Nike apparel. So Doug and Dave made samples of these items for the company and went on their merry way.

When their bigger friends saw the samples they’d created, they wanted to know how they could get their hands on them, saying there were no brands out there making clothes in current mainstream styles with the sizes they needed. Thus, Swag & Valor was born. They created samples of jeans, hoodies, shirts, shorts and more, and shopped them to a variety of men’s stores across the country and received the same message: these stores wanted more of the same – not what Swag & Valor was making. They turned to the internet to get their clothing into the hands of the guys who needed it.

Swag and Valor in BlueHow Do They Fit?

Swag & Valor boxers are available in a variety of styles and patterns made to your preferences. Each pair of underwear is made with a moisture wicking modal fabric that includes a bit of spandex to allow some stretch while still staying contoured to your body. The boxers also sport a contour waistband made to prevent rolling and irritation. This means they stay in place without being uncomfortable. I put a few pairs to the test and found that you can put them on and forget about them. They don’t bunch, roll, or make you too warm – all important things we tend to take for granted. The company put specific thought into these things in order to craft a better boxer.

Win a Year’s Supply of Swag & Valor Boxers

Need a new pair of underwear? How about a year’s supply? We’ve teamed up with Swag & Valor to give you just that! Follow the instructions below for your chance to win 12 pairs of Swag & Valor. The contest ends Friday at midnight Pacific, so get in while you can. The winner will be chosen randomly and will be contacted via email. Good luck!

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