Stateroom Wash Bag

Your personal style isn’t only dictated by the clothes you wear. Your favorite drinks, the car you drive, the music you listen to – all of these things contribute to it, and the accessories you own are no exception. Most of us, for example, probably own a dopp kit of some sort. I’ve got an old canvas bag that gets the job done. I thought that was fine until the folks at Mission Mercantile reached out asking me to test their Stateroom Wash Bag. Note that for trademark reasons, they don’t call this bag a Dopp Kit. Even with a different name, it serves the same purpose.

The Mission Mercantile Stateroom Wash Bag

Solid Leather Construction

The first thing you should know about this bag is that it’s constructed to last. The full-grain leather is thick and sturdy, and is made to hold the shape you see in the photos. It’ll keep what’s inside of it safe and secure, and you probably couldn’t mess up the exterior if you tried. Apparently, you can compress it down. I didn’t try that. There’s something about the construction and the shape it arrived in that I just couldn’t bring myself to fiddle with.

Inside the Stateroom Wash Bag from Mission Mercantile

Putting the Stateroom Wash Bag to the Test

To put the Stateroom Wash Bag to the test, I took it on a weekend trip to Bend, Oregon. As you can see, I packed it full and tried not to be too precious with it. I didn’t have a problem getting any of my bigger products in there, and the extras I wanted carefully stored (my comb, razor, clippers, etc) fit perfectly in the interior zippered compartment or interior side pockets. Mission Mercantile even thought about the very real possibility that something you store in the bag could spill out, eventually getting out onto everything else around it. The water-repellent interior lining makes this a non-issue.

Stateroom Wash Bag Bottom

Enter to Win Mission Mercantile’s Stateroom Wash Bag

Between the solid construction, brass feet, convenient side handle, and general rugged good looks of this bag, I really don’t want to part with it. Luckily for you, I’m going to. You can buy your own Stateroom Wash Bag from Mission Mercantile for $135 here, or you can click below to enter to win the one you see in the photos above. Don’t worry, I’ll (probably) clean it out. The giveaway ends Monday, 3/15/16 at 12am Pacific.

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