Sound Off: Here Are The Brands You Wish Carried Extended Sizes But Don’t

Last week, we asked you which brands you wish carried extended sizes that currently don’t. Based on your response, it’s safe to say that the overall message is this: We all deserve access to clothing that meets our personal quality standards and accurately reflects our individual style.

Here are the top brands that made the list, your noteworthy comments, and keep an eye out for our next question this Thursday!

We Asked: Which Brands Do You Wish Carried Extended Sizes That Currently Don’t?

Many of you simply said: All of them! There are too many brands with clothing that looks great but isn’t available in extended sizes (or the extended sizes they currently offer are not true to size). We hear you; it’s time for brands to step up and provide a more inclusive clothing selection.


All of them! Do they not realize big guys wanna look stylish too?!


All of them. Like we are fashionable also.


Any advertisers who come up on my Instagram feed!

Meanwhile, some of the brands that do have extended sizes aren’t making them available in stores. PLUS, some of the online-only retailers don’t make it easy to find things in your size:


Amazon has everything, but when extended sizes are selected they still all run small. And I was only on Amazon because Levi’s told me all about function…then said my size wasn’t at the store, nothing to try on.


Yeah pretty much all of them, I would just love to walk in any store in the mall and not have to ask if they sell anything bigger than a 38 pant or XL shirt.

Many of you want to see more high-end brands offer extended sizes:


My list is long @driesvannoten, @bernhardwillhelm, @ikirejones, @kenzo, @isseymiyakeusa. Forward thinking high fashion brands have a vested disinterest in non typical bodies as if we won’t spend the money for better quality. Conform your body or do not apply is the message I’ve internalized at this point.


@gucci, @yls, @ted_baker_menswear, @fearofgod to name a few.


Joseph Abboud. I like their style, it’s on the snazzy side…but they cut for slim figures.

Here are the top brands you told us you wish carried extended sizes that currently don’t:

  • H&M
  • Urban Outfitters
  • The North Face
  • Adidas
  • Gap
  • Banana Republic
  • SuperDry

There are many brands with room for growth. The more our opinions are shared, the more likely it is that things will change. Thanks to everyone who commented for making your voice heard. Look for another question later this week!

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