Chubstr Monthly Meetup December 2018

See Photos From Last Week’s Chubstr Meetup

Last week, we held our first Chubstr Monthly Meetup in Portland, Oregon. We made new friends, connected with old ones, and everybody seemed to have a good time. In 2019, you can expect more of these events in our hometown of Portland, but also in cities around the country!

Connecting in the Real World

I feel lucky to be part of a community as vibrant and interesting as the one that has grown up around Chubstr. Next year, one of our big goals as a brand is to make sure that we continue to move beyond our online presence. Monthly meetups are just one way we’ll do that. Keep an eye on the Community Section of Chubstr for info about new events, calls for photo/video shoots and more.

Chubstr Meetup December 2018

Thanks for the Support

Special thanks to Bear Skn, Fat Fancy & One Bone for the giveaway support for the meetup. It’s great to get some of our favorite brands and places to shop out in front of an audience who needs them.


A huge thank you to everyone who RSVP’d, shared, commented and came out for the shindig. Getting to hang out and chat is always energizing and helps remind me why we do this.

Next Month’s Chubstr Meetup

Keep an eye out for information about next month’s Meetup, which we will announce early in the new year. As mentioned, when we travel, we’ll try to throw a meetup wherever we go. Otherwise, we’ll be holding them at various locations around the Portland area.

Want us to come to your city? Send us a message using the form at the top of the page and we’ll add it to the list. We’ve heard from folks in Boston, L.A., Houston, Chicago, Charlotte and more. Let us know where you are and what the community is like – if we can swing it, you might just see us in your neck of the woods next year!

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