We’re Bringing Back Reader Photo Submissions!

Chubstr’s mission is to help people find, create, and share their style with the world. We’ve done this through tips, guides and interviews, but now we’re bringing back a community favorite: reader photo submissions.

Here’s How to Share Your Photo With Chubstr

Help show the world that big guys have style by sharing your photos with us. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Send us your photo or tag @chubstr on your favorite social network.
  2. Tell us what you’re wearing and where you got it. This helps everyone else find the looks they like.
  3. If you send us a photo through Chubstr.com, tell us who you are and where to find you on social media so we can tag you.

The process is pretty straightforward. To kick things off, here’s a photo of a recent look I put together:

Chubstr Reader photo submissions are back

Photo: Shanna Sturgell

Jacket: True Nation Vintage Denim Jacket – sizes to 6XL / 4XLT

Shirt: PX Clothing Twisted Colorblock Henley – sizes to 5XL / 4XLT

Jeans: Levi’s 541 Athletic Fit – sizes to 60 waist

That’s it! Share your photos with Chubstr and you might just see them here on the site!

If you buy something through this post, Chubstr may get a share of the sale.

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