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Would You Pay Money to Stroke a Bushy Beard?

Most people love beards. Some people really, really love beards. UK grooming company Mo Bro’s is making the most of that love by hiring bearded men at their pop up shop who will let customers stroke their facial hair for a modest fee.

Chris from The Mod Cabin

Chris from The Mod Cabin

For 3 days beginning December 20th, visitors to the Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester can pay to fiddle with beards. If you’re wondering why this is even a thing, you’re not alone. In an interview with UNILAD, Mo Bro’s co-founder, Savan Dattani says petting a beard is a soothing activity:

Christmas is a stressful time of year for most people. You’re in a mad rush trying to buy presents, food and drink, whilst juggling work, a family and other commitments.

We had a think of how we could make this situation more enjoyable, and it suddenly came to us – a beard stroking station!

The strokable beards will be clean, soft and ready for your touch. You’ll even be able to brush them, should the mood strike. The cost is £5 per 5 minutes, with all proceeds going to the UK housing and homelessness charity, Shelter.

Photo: Shanna Sturgell

Would You Let People Stroke Your Beard for £30 an Hour?

It turns out that Mo Bro’s needs more bearded and willing participants in their pop up shop. If you’re in the area and don’t mind having random hands in your beard, you can apply to work the beard stroking station. The requirements are few, but important:

  1. Your beard must be at least 2 inches long
  2. Candidates with long, lush, Santaesque beards will go to the front of the line
  3. You must be comfortable being touched by strangers

That’s it. If you’re good with those three things and you’re in the Leicester area, you should apply. How often do you get the chance to make money from your beard? £30 ($40 USD) isn’t too shabby. If you apply, let us know how it goes.

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