Actor Marc Hawes

How I’m Getting By: Actor Marc Hawes

How I’m Getting By is our new limited series that checks in with inspiring people in the community to find out how they’re managing in a COVID-19 world. Marc Hawes is an actor based in Los Angeles who, like millions of others, is waiting out the pandemic at home. He shares how he’s getting by.

Besides the obvious self-quarantining, how has the pandemic changed your day to day life?
[Things have changed] in two huge ways. Hollywood shut down completely until further notice. This means there is no work. Pilot season was in full swing, and many productions had to halt in the middle of filming. Right now the major push is in remote voice acting and that is an area I am looking into.

I’ve also had to transition to online teaching of vocal, piano and acting lessons. It was an interesting start as I had to scramble to find the proper equipment needed to conduct the lessons. Luckily as an actor who self tapes frequently, I already had a lot of the equipment, [which made the] transition as seamless as possible. It is weird to only see my students virtually, but it’s still nice to see them.

What’s keeping you busy while you’re stuck at home?
Besides continuing to teach; an incredible writer and great friend of mine named Peter Gamble and I are writing a TV series pilot. Because I’m a huge gamer and tech geek, I’ve also started streaming on Twitch, and collaborating with other LA actors on a live morning show called The Everything Talk Show. [It airs] Monday – Friday 10:00-11:00am PST on Twitch. 

Aside from the media you’re creating, is there music, TV, books, or films you’d recommend?
[I recently read] “The subtle art of not giving a Fuck” by Mark Manson. It’s a super fast and entertaining read and apropos given the state of our current lives. Oh, and how can you not suggest the “Tiger King” on Netflix! I’m pushing to play Joshua Dial when they make the movie version. 

Do you have any advice for others trying to make the best of it while self-quarantined?
Stay positive, smile, and do things that make you happy. It might seem like right now is a great time to be super productive, push forward and make great strides, but slow down, relax the best you can, and know that It’s okay to have an unproductive day, or two, or five… Above all, remember to laugh. Because if you can’t laugh, what’s the point?

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