Here’s What Annoys You Most About Plus Size Clothing

Last Thursday, we introduced Sound Off – our weekly social feature where we ask a question and you share your thoughts. We kicked things off with a pretty big question:

What Annoys You About Plus Size Clothing?

Looking through your comments, we noticed some common issues:

  • A disparity in sizing
  • Lack of style
  • Fits aren’t available that accommodate a variety of bigger bodies

Of course, there are more. Tons of people gave their thoughts, so we went through and grabbed some of our favorite comments, which you’ll see below.

Beardedk from Instagram can’t find clothes in a style he likes:

Availability annoys me, not finding stuff in stores, and online being a total crapshoot with actual fit once it comes. Plus, I find I am often between sizes. So things are too tight or too big or too long.

Roundnumbers from Tumblr wants shorter inseams:

People seem to always want to make the in-seams too long! Not everybody who needs a 46-50″ waist pair needs a 30″ length!

Conorsseur wants longer inseams:

Here’s what annoys me most. Most clothes are designed for with “big” OR “tall,” not “big AND tall.” Especially with jeans. I’m typically a 50×34, but the pants that go up to a 50 waist stop at a 28 inseam. Or the 34 inseam stops at a 40 waist. I totally over-explained, but I got frustrated and rambled.

Matiugordon wants designers to stop grading up their plus size clothes from smaller sizes:

The patterns, you can’t grade up from small to 3xl with making allowance for how the body changes. That’s just lazy design.

Joshua.Cruz.89 has an issue with the lack of standard sizing:

Patterns are annoying, you order a 3x from an online store and it’s cut like a weird XL or pants that claim to be a 40 but the thighs are a 36 and aren’t going past your knees.

So does Brutal_Bobby:

The cuts are sometimes right in one part of the body and wildly wrong on another part. Either I need to deal with a shirt being too big in some places or pay to have it tailored. Levi’s 541 jeans have helped solve this problem, but some shirts I buy are still an issue.

Darkgothicfayt is tired of the same old big guy clothes:

Another thing is some of the clothes is like stereotypical big guy clothes, like I want something nice to wear or I want cool graphic tees in my size not just Hawaiian shirts and basketball shorts or whatever.

Goodboyfashion wants more affordable pricing:

Affordability is a problem I face mostly. I want to wear many brands but their prices are usually too much for my budget.

Fangirlfatale26 agrees:

How boring and limited it can be! Just because we’re bigger doesn’t mean we should be deprived the same variety of choices so-called average sized people have. We can put a man on the moon but somehow can’t engineer a pair of jeans that make my ass look good.

That does it for this week. Check our social feeds every Thursday for a new question, and give your feedback!

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