Portland’s Fat Fancy Gets New Owners, Plans a Move

Fat Fancy Sees Big Changes in Portland

2016 is turning out to be a year full of changes for Fat Fancy, the Portland Oregon based plus size boutique. Original owners, Annie and Carlee decided to sell the business earlier this year in order to pursue other interests. Elle and Bee, the new owners, have officially taken over, and they promptly discovered that the rent on their downtown Portland space was being increased by more than double.

Fat Fancy Portland's New Owners

Fat Fancy’s New Owners, Elle & Bee

Because of that, Fat Fancy is moving, and they need your help. Elle and Bee found a great new location for the store, but as you can guess, the costs associated with going from one place to another are pretty high. They’ve started a moving fund, and are asking for your help:

Our customers and community have loved and supported this business over the years and we want to ensure that you continue to get the same great store! Right now we need help with the funds to cover the moving costs—first & last month’s rent, deposit, UHaul, painting and build-out expenses. The community has always been the backbone of Fat Fancy and though it is humbling to ask for help, we desperately need your support to help start a new chapter. Please chip in whatever you can afford & help spread the word! Every little bit counts. Thank you so much for supporting us – we are so excited to continue Fat Fancy with the same feel and clothes that you all have loved over the last several years.

If you’re in the Portland area and you’re a plus size person, you’re probably aware of all the good Fat Fancy has been doing since 2007. And if you’re not in the area? You can expect to see the Fat Fancy brand expand online and offer options to people everywhere.

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