TCF Style Expo 2017

Big Men’s Fashion Takes the Stage at the TCFStyle Expo

The TCFStyle Expo took place in Atlanta over the weekend, and we teamed up with them to bring big men’s fashion to the event for the very first time. Brands like MVP Collections, The Winston Box, Big Boy Bamboo, and JCPenney showed attendees that there are people out there making stylish clothes for the plus size man.

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MVP Collections put on a fashion show that gave us a look at some of the products they’ll be offering this fall. I was lucky enough to walk the runway in some of their new jeans, and even though I only wore them for about a half hour, I’ll be picking up a pair when they are released.

Daniel Franzese at TCFStyle Expo

Daniel Franzese at the TCFStyle Expo

Fresh off last week’s article in Esquire, The Winston Box, and their new Creative Director, actor Daniel Franzese set up shop at the expo to show off some goodies from recent boxes, as well as new products that subscribers can expect. One shirt I saw sported an awesome retro pattern, and a well-constructed hoodie Daniel pointed out to me is now on my fall shopping list. The new clothes seemed to be focused on fun and details, both of which big guys need more of in their outfits.

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Big Boy Bamboo was on hand with their super comfortable bamboo tees, which start at 3X. As we go into the holiday season, they’ll be doing more to serve bigger gents by expanding their offerings to 7X and 8X. I’m excited to see what they have in store for 2018 in the form of new, super comfortable bamboo products.

Chubstr JCPenney & TCFStyle Expo

The Foundry Big & Tall Supply Co. Short Sleeve Vintage Button-Front Shirt $19.99

Even JCPenney got in on the big and tall fun with a cool photo shoot featuring a bunch of the plus size men’s influencers attending the TCFStyle Expo. Since they carry so many of the best big men’s brands out there, we were able to put together looks we loved and show them off. The best part? The two stylish shirts I wore for the shoot were $19.99 each and available to 5X. Tons of cool clothes for not a lot of money? Yes and yes.

The Rise of Big & Tall Fashion Panel

The TCFStyle Expo even hosted a panel called The Rise of Big & Tall Fashion, a discussion about the state of big men’s clothing options. Mo Vaughn, Rob Robinson, Daniel Franzese, and I spent an hour talking fashion, frustrations, inspiration, and the future of the men’s side of the industry.

In all, the expo was a great success. Thanks to Marie Denee and The Curvy Fashionista team for putting on a great event, and letting us collaborate with them to bring big men’s fashion to Atlanta. I can’t wait to see what next year’s expo has in store!

This post is sponsored by JCPenney. All opinions, however, are mine. 

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