Surfer Jimbo Pellegrine

10 Years of Chubstr: Surfer Jimbo Pellegrine

We’re celebrating 10 years of Chubstr by looking back at some of the notable people and events we’ve covered over the last decade. Pushing back against stereotypes has always been a big part of what Chubstr is all about, and in 2011, we did that with a profile of surfer Jimbo Pellegrine.

Plus Size Surfer Jimbo Pellegrine

In our 2011 interview, Jimbo talked about taking up surfing as a child, and how surprised people were seeing a big guy out on a surfboard. We discussed how important getting the right board is, and what it was like living in Bali, where his home at the time. When asked about people’s reaction to him surfing, Jimbo had the following to say:

People are always in awe, especially when I go to places I have not performed yet. Usually people get strange looks on their faces and snicker, and kids talk shit. Then there are the places I have been known to frequent where you can find my name carved into cement and posters of me everywhere, so I have a ton of hype at my favorite spots and all the pros and homeys are with me so that makes a difference.

Seeing photos and video of a person Jimbo’s size out on a board was inspiring for me and many other Chubstr readers. It’s the kind of thing we rarely get to see in the mainstream, and one of the reasons Chubstr exists is to spotlight people doing things that others might not expect bigger people to do. Thanks to Jimbo for pushing against stereotypes and doing the thing he loved.

Read the full interview with surfer Jimbo Pellegrine here.

Surfer Jimbo Pellegrine

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