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Factory 2nd – Randolph Penny Loafers. This shoe is a Factory 2nd. Allen Edmonds shoes are handcrafted and Factory 2nds are slight cosmetic blemishes such as scratches, nicks, leather imperfections or wrinkles that prevent these shoes from being sold at 1st quality pricing. The cosmetic imperfections do not affect the performance, fit or durability of the shoes and are often imperceptible after a few days of wear. While supplies last. Limited to the sizes and widths that are currently available online. Why It’s Great These loafers are the perfect traveling companion, so long as you don’t stick a penny in the saddle (a no-no sure to draw the ire of both the fashion police and TSA). Not only will the slip-on loafer design help you get through airport security with minimal hassle, but the versatility inherent in the extended profile means that this one shoe can cover all the events – work and play – that go along with an important business trip or just a busy home life. How It’s Made This Shell Cordovan style features a Reddenbach single oak leather sole, raised stitching on the moccasin toe, and dovetail toplift for an even more sophisticated look. How to Wear It Whichever style you choose and no matter where you are, with the Randolph on your feet, you’ll feel at home anywhere. A dress loafer by name, it can be worn even with your weekend casual wear, especially with colors other than the traditional black.

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