Exchange Place Cap-toe Dress Shoe



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Exchange Place Cap-toe Dress Shoe. This shoe is a limited time offer. Limited quantities, sold while supplies last. Why It’s Great Running adjacent to Wall Street, through the heart of New York’s financial district, a lot of high powered business leaders have strolled the pavement of Exchange Place. If there is one place in the world where dress for success means something, this is it. How It’s Made New to our Refined Dress Collection, the Exchange Place begins with a single oak leather sole, classic oxford design and adds a contemporary twist that comes from its tapered waist, beveled arches and slightly chiseled toe. How to Wear It We have created a shoe that, along with our iconic Park Avenue, is the quintessential financier’s shoe. It’s right at home in Wall Street, Singapore, The City of London or any of the world’s other top financial districts. This is the shoe to wear when you want to dress to impress.

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