Beardbrand Blank Slate Beard Oil – 1 fl oz



Blank Slate Beard Oil is fragrance-free for when your look speaks for itself. This blend won’t conflict with your favorite daily scent and is safe for those sensitive to fragrance. When it comes to growing a soft, healthy, tangle-free beard, few products are as essential as Beard Oil. Go ahead, invest in yourself and help your beard reach its full potential?because when your beard looks awesome, it gives you the confidence to Keep on Growing. Your beard needs oil to be healthy, and every time you wash your face you?re stripping away some of that oil. If not replenished, you?re left with a dry, wiry, untamable beard that itches like you just rubbed your face in fresh-cut grass. Blank Slate Beard Oil hydrates and conditions while adding a lightweight shine that reduces beard itch without that weighed-down greasy feeling. Think you just need Beard Oil when your beard is thick and full? Apply a few drops to the skin while you?re still in the stubble phase and prepare to be amazed at how much softer (and how much less itchy) your beard grows in. Like all Beardbrand products, Blank Slate Beard Oil is sulfate, silicone, and paraben-free so it?s easy to wash out and doesn?t block key nutrients from getting in.

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