Apple Fitness+ Needs More Plus Size Trainers

Apple Fitness+ Needs More Plus Size Trainers

I’ve been using Apple Fitness+ since it launched last year. In that time, the subscription fitness service has added new workouts for people of all fitness levels, with activities ranging from Yoga, to HIIT, to Mindful Cooldown. Recently, Apple introduced more inclusive workouts for pregnancy and older adults, as well as a new body positive trainer in Jonelle Lewis. The one thing Fitness+ still needs? More plus size trainers.

More Welcoming and Inclusive

While Fitness+ is making strides toward inclusivity with trainers, workouts and multiple skill levels, having the opportunity to virtually work out with trainers with bigger body types seems like an obvious next step. It would also send a message that plus size people can be and are active and athletic. Much like the apparel industry, fitness has long held the chiseled physique as the only body type customers should aspire to. Apple is in a position to continue to push back against this by adding inspiring plus size badasses like Louise Green and Martinus Evans, to name a few.

Who’s Already Getting it Right?

If Apple Fitness+ doesn’t feel like a good fit for you, take a look at Joyn. The Joyn platform is all about body-neutral movement with classes led by plus size people of many different body types. You’ll find hundreds of classes on yoga, cardio, HIIT, strength training and more. What makes the Joyn platform different is its focus on being a judgement free, no diet talk online fitness space. Another huge benefit – Joyn is free.

The Future of Apple Fitness+

I like what Fitness+ has done thus far to be more inclusive. As someone deeply entrenched in the Apple device ecosystem, being able to pull up a workout on my phone or watch and just get to it is convenient. Hopefully, the company continues to focus on inclusivity, introducing trainers with a variety of body types.

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