Adipositivity Project 2022 Calendar Out Now

The Adipositivity Project Celebrates 15 Years with 2022 Wall Calendar

For 15 years, Substantia Jones has been spotlighting fat activism, acceptance, and body image with The Adipositivity Project, an artistic nude photo series featuring fat people from all walks of life. To celebrate the milestone, she has released a 2022 wall calendar featuring images selected by the public from her 800 image archive.

The Adipositivity Project 2022 Calendar

We don’t often see people with larger bodies celebrated – especially when they’re nude. The Adipositivity Project does precisely that by showing us photos of the often-overlooked people we see in everyday life. It’s a core part of the project’s mission:

The folks you see in these images are educators, executives, mothers, musicians, professionals, performers, artists, activists, clerks, and writers. They are perhaps even the women you’ve clucked at on the subway, rolled your eyes at in the market, or joked about with your friends.

This is what they look like with their clothes off.

Some are showing you their bodies proudly. Others timidly. And some quite reluctantly. But they all share a determination in altering commonly accepted notions of a narrow and specific beauty ideal.

Buying a copy of The Adipositivity Project 2022 Calendar not only helps support Substantia’s work it also supports World Central Kitchen, an organization providing fresh meals to people impacted by natural disasters and other crises around the world.

The Adipositivity Project 2022 Wall Calendar

This year, the calendar’s cover photo features the late Dr. Sheltreese McCoy, an activist and academic who dedicated her life’s work to advancing and centering queer and trans people of color in higher education, specifically Black liberation within LGBTQ resource work. Learn more about Dr. McCoy here.

The Adipositivity Project 2022 Calendar

Get your copy of the Adipositivity Project 2022 Wall Calendar for $23 at this link and show your support for fat liberation and more of the kind of work we need in the world this year. Follow Substantia Jones at @adipositivity on Instagram and learn more about the project (or buy photo prints!) at her website.

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