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Corbin Chamberlin-Randall in Indochino
Apr 22, 2014
Corbin Chamberlin-Randall Gets Formal With Indochino
I love it when two of our favorites come together. In this case, it’s our favorite journalist and our favorite custom menswear company. Journalist Corbin Chamberlin-Randall and his husband attended a spring wedding in a blue, peaked-lapel suit from Indochino with a bow tie and shirt from Charvet. Share your style with the world by submitting...
Wearing Stacy Adams
Aug 08, 2013
Photo: Hot, Right?
Hot Right? Yes Indeed! Had a meeting on campus and had to be fashionably cyclic! Rocked a Stacy Adams black suit Lavender button up – Thrifted Pocket Square – Made from fabric that I bought at JoAnn Fabric (I rarely buy pocket squares…AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! For the same price as one pocket...
GQ's Best Men's Stores in America (The Chubstr Big & Tall Edition)
Jul 25, 2013
Answerland: Double Breasted Suits, Where to Shop & More
Answerland is the feature we created to answer reader questions. Send us your big mens style queries via Tumblr, or using the contact form on the website. Urist McDorf asks: My other half is a tallish, leggy, bearded goth guy with a prominent potbelly. We’re looking for smart jackets and suits to update his wardrobe with a subtle...
Indochino's Traveling Tailor in Boston With Chubstr
Mar 28, 2013
Indochino’s Traveling Tailor Hits Boston
Most guys would agree that having a custom suit created for them sounds extravagant, elite, and down right expensive. Sure, we all want to look like Clooney, but most of us don’t have the same physique or the deep pockets that he does. So, how does the modern guy look like he’s got a million...
A photo from Justin's shoot
Mar 06, 2013
Photo: Pick Pocket
Today’s reader photo comes from Justin, who sent us a shot from a recent shoot he did with photographer Rashad L. Burden. What’s He Wearing? While Justin didn’t share where he picked up this look, we recommend something like The Nanotech Storm Indigo Stripe Suit from Indochino. Share your style by submitting a photo to...
Indochino Presents the Vincero Collection
Sep 09, 2011
Indochino’s Vincero Collection Offers Fine Italian Suits in Your Size
Our favorite custom men’s suit company, Indochino, has released a number of luxury Italian suits as part of their new Vincero collection. Made from the same high quality fabrics used by international design houses, they’ve created a higher end product while continuing to keep the focus on giving customers the perfect fit. The collection gives...
Indochino suits for the big or tall man
Jul 16, 2011
Indochino Makes Suits with Style in Any Size
Every guy should have a few good suits in his clothing arsenal. The problem, as a big man, can be finding a suit that has style and complements your body. You can always find a local suit shop, but their selection may be limited and their prices more than you want to spend for something...
Stay cooler in a summer suit
Jun 29, 2011
Chubstr’s Guide to Buying a Summer Suit
Of all the great things that people look forward to each summer, sweating in a suit isn’t one of them. Some people might just skip suits during the summer in an attempt to stay cool, but for those that can’t – or those who choose to look dapper year round – here are some tips...
Jun 04, 2011
Submission: Suits are Always a Must
Our Saturday photo submission comes from Matt, who tells us suits are a must.       Suit: Geoffrey Beane Shirt: The Men’s Wearhouse Tie: Calvin Klein Pocket Square: The Tie Bar                   Send us your photos that show your style and we’ll share them here on the...
Check Out Mike's Outfit of the Day
May 30, 2011
Photo: Mike’s Outfit(s) of the Day
Here’s the latest from Mike ( who’s sharing a few of his recent looks with us. Click any of the photos to see them in full size.     Thanks for the photos, Mike! Submit your style to Chubstr and we’ll share with the community. Send us photos that show your style and your personality...
anthonymg Same here. Sizes run the spectrum since they're not universal, so sometimes a 42 fits and sometimes a 46 fits. I feel you on being on the line - you can't go to a lot of the mainstream stores and find what you're looking for, but you also can't find the styles you want at B&T unless you really search. Have you checked out or Both offer sizes to something like 60 waist and 5X shirts with styles from well known brands. I've been really happy with what I'm finding at those places. Hope this helps!
Very handsome.
Alden L. Jackson
Chubstr,  I find that Sizes vs fitment to be wide open when it comes to clothes for my body type.  I am 6'3" 320lbs  Which for my style ends up being a 40"x32" waist slim fit,low rise jean and anything from a 2XLT to a 4X depending on the cut of the shirt.  See the problem a guy like me has is what I call the "in-betweener"  I can't shop at most normal stores because everything is "FAT man in a little shirt" and then stepping into a Big and tall store (read: Conservative and Frumpy) and I'm the guy that is now tall enough, but not wide enough. Destination XL has done a good job re-branding themselves with more fashionable clothes, but they still are not fashion forward enough for me.
anthonymg Thanks for the comment Anthony! If you can tell us what your sizes are, we can point you in the right direction. We definitely try to feature clothing in sizes as large as we can find them available, but sometimes they are difficult to find. You'll see a lot of options on the site that go to 5X or 6X. This particular post is a reader photo submission, so this guy has shared specifically what he's wearing and where he got it, which isn't always available in every size. Since it's a reader photo submission, the clothing is based on the size of the gent in the photo. Hope this helps! Check out our resources section and feel free to tell us your sizes and what specifically you're looking for and we'll help you out. Thanks for checking out Chubstr!
Werd!  6'3" 320lbs seems to be to big for most of the fashion that I am finding here.  To big, yet to small for "Big and Tall"